Say hello to PATHWAYS
An affordable, easy-to-use fundraising tool. (created by a guy who actually raises funds)



Not a tech guru?  Wonderful.   Not a creative ninja?  Super.  Not a big team?  Even better.  We’ve designed it with you in mind.


Each campaign costs as little as $49/month plus a $350 setup fee. Period.


We don’t want to see your donor file.
Not now.  Not ever.

Campaign Specific

The driving force behind our model is a refreshing take on the donor cycle.

identify > educate > cultivate > solicit > appreciate




Make it happen.

Knowing how and when to execute a campaign is critical to success.  We can help.


$350 setup fee plus:



3 easy steps:




Make it mobile.

Done.  Your campaign tool is cross-platform friendly. Instantly and seamlessly.

The Pathways team is available to further customize your particular campaign if desired. Our professional services are competitively priced.

Paul Edward Ralph

So, a Rabbi, a Priest, and a Minister, walk into a bar. You got it. THEY were frustrated fundraisers.

For twenty-five years, I have had the privilege of cultivating friendships with some of the most fascinating people in the world, especially those within the not-for-profit sector.

Innovators > Thinkers > Leaders > Doers > Influencers > Creators > Enablers

As a development professional, I have helped to raise tens of millions of dollars for great causes.  The old saying goes something like this: it takes money to make money.  It’s as true for non-profits as it is for businesses.

What do you do if you’re an emerging not-for-profit entrepreneur?
What do you do if you’re working from a very limited budget or have little fundraising expertise?
What do you do if you’re on your own, working without the benefit of a large support team?

I developed Pathways in response to these real-world challenges because I encountered them every day. It has been my working passion to help create and sustain brand worth ~ for people who are in the trenches ~ people who have given their all in the pursuit of a noble thing ~ people for whom success is the only option.

Pathways ~ it’s one small way that we at The Ideas Cafe have been helping people achieve significance.


Be well,